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Compilation of Classic TV Footage - Episode 9

Published 2012

Another in this series of videos consisting of long & short clips from public domain television series, plus a few classic commercials. Including excerpts from shows from a variety of broadcasters (NBC, CBS, ABC, WABD, and even a syndicated series), and a variety of genres. Part of the reason I do this series is to highlight the variety of shows that we have in the classic TV section.

Run time 29 minutes 29 seconds
Producer Matthew Paul Argall
Audio/Visual sound, black and white/color


Excerpt from 1955 episode of "Pantomime Quiz"
Kodak commercial
Excerpt from 21st April 1961 episode of "As the World Turns"
Excerpt from 1953 episode of "Ding Dong School"
Loop-a-Lot commercial (from Prelinger section)
Excerpt from (1954?) episode of "Life with Elizabeth"
Commercial for Viv Lipstick (1954)
Excerpt from 1954 episode of "Sense and Nonsense"
Commercial for Gaines Burgers (1963)
Excerpt from 1951 episode of "The Frank Sinatra Show"
Excerpt from 1960 episode of "Queen for a Day"
Commercial for "Richard Hudnut" shampoo (with Julia Meade)


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